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Farm Development...

At this very we are working towards having a functional greenhouse by next year and if all goes well having starts for next growing season. We are hoping to have enough starts to supply a couple families for sale and our own gardens. On top of the greenhouse project we are also working on our set up for roaming chickens and milking goats together. Which is almost a finished project. We have solar panels to supply the electric fence, lights and maybe a little more. All we have left to do is build a folding skirt on the goat house so we can still move the whole goat/chicken enclosure. (Because it is a rolling goat house.:))


Check back on a latter date, this bit is still in progress. Till then. :)

Contribute to Future Farm Development

We are currently trying to raise funds for building a green house, barn and getting tools for the farm so that others can join us in the growing process of our sustainable community. If you would like to be a part of this expansion and growth in our community and you can't make it out for the actual experience, you can still be a part by donating to the cause.

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